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Guardian Angel Pendant: RHLG x JMDH

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A guardian angel for your travels: to connect you to strangers, to welcome comfort and contentedness, as a beacon for your inner beauty, and a reminder that we are beings of love, for we are made in the image of glory. 

Handmade by Rachel Hamilton Lewis Gray (RHLG) and Joshua Maxwell de Hoog in Geelong Victoria. 

In memory of my loving father, an angel and guide to all who met him: Johannes de Hoog, may you rejoice in the company of angels. 

925 Sterling Silver, 60cm Flat Silver Chain. 
Pendant Measures: 30mm x 20mm at its longest and widest. 
Limited run of 30 pendants. 

Do not forget to show hospitality to strangers, for by so doing some people have shown hospitality to angels without knowing it.

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